Effective Leadership through Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

It was a first ever session by TTDz -Talk Temple Dialoguez which was launched by team SOLUTIONZ founded by Ian Faria along with Kavitha Garla and Sandhya Nair. And, the TILTians -team from The India Leadership Think Tank which is a leadership forum along with few first timers at TILT, who gathered there witnessed an extra ordinary session by 4 eminent speakers who were just outstanding in their incredible ability of effective communication.

It was an honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to interact with all these stalwarts from diverse fields.  

First one to deliver his talk was Mr. Vishnu Saraf the health care specialist and a founder of Trueweight who’s knowledge on fitness and eating right to stay healthy and fit in our BODY was worth listening to. His mantra of health is 20% exercise and 80% is nutrition. This resonates so well with what Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

Vishnu surely had most of us signing up as Trueweight clients.

Mr. Bhaskar Rao the Commissioner of Bangalore Police who looked so humble despite being in such a powerful position spoke about Courage and Failing multiple times in life to succeed. The SPIRIT in which he delivered his talk made the entire crowd to believe that – “True measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure with courage”.

Dr. Aloma Lobo – Lady with a golden HEART who is inspiring and transforming so many specially abled children to see the light of the day by enabling them to live a life like all of us. She was the Chaiperson of CARA -Central Adoption Research Agency for few years and we were deeply touched and moved by hearing her initiatives to uplift the spirit of specially abled souls. “She never finds a child for the family but she finds the family for a child.

Mr. Rovin Pulikken Sr. Director at Tektronix his ability to communicate on MIND with respect to Corporate world was very informative. Got to know more about the Power of the Mind. This made us to reiterate on the fact that “Change your Mindset to change your life”

We were almost in full strength as “Team Inspiring” which is one of the teams of TILT along with Networking,  Dynamic,  Innovative and Authentic Articulation being the other four teams. We were with our team leader but missed our joint leader’s presence.

Well organised leadership event by the team from Solutionz.

I have found a way to use my positive MIND to stay fit in my BODY with right nutrition and learned the importance of never giving up and constantly keep moving forward with courage and the right SPIRIT yet be kind in my HEART towards all, especially on those who are specially abled who needs our attention.

Empathy and compassion are need of the hour for all creation in this planet.


Being in the NOW

Our past and future have no relevance without being in the NOW.  One has to try and figure out whether he or she is happy or unhappy at this point in time and what are we focussing on right now and not about life situations in the past or going to be in future.  

No doubt the past brings us the identity and future the fulfillment but if we don’t learn to live in the now we will either live in the state of depression or over thinking/excitment.
We need to learn to live on clock time than being on a psychological time.  If we live in our past that means we are still in the psychological time and have not learnt from the past to move on to a clock time.  
It’s all about living a LIFE underneath the life situations.  Life is real and life situations are just an illusion and it’s related to our mind and nothing else.  
The quality of our consciousness will determine our future.  Hence,  it’s very imperative to be in the now to transform our present to create a future which we need.  
ALLOW your life to INQUIRE the triggers that caused your life right now and with META AWARENESS just observe without analysing or judgement to see the emotions,  thoughts and the way your mind reacts. It’s a good way to feel the being in NOW.

Monk , I left her at the river

A senior and junior monk are walking down a path together and they come to a river with a strong current. As they prepare to cross they see a young, beautiful woman in need of help to brave the waters. She notices the monks and asks for help. The senior monk carries the woman on his shoulder and lets her gently down on the other bank. They part ways. The junior monk is upset. Hours go by and the senior monk noticing the discomfort on the younger monk asks: Is something in your mind? The junior monk says: “As monks we are not permitted to touch a woman, how could you carry her across the river?” – The senior monk replies: “I left the woman hours ago at the bank, however, you seem to still be carrying her”.

Likewise, dont carry the past or stop viewing the rear view mirror in life. Just keep moving the way River finds her way to her destination. Adjust your plans, adjust to new strategies, apply the greatest virtue of flexibility to succeed.